Protective And Peace Orders Exist To Stop The Violence

Phil Hartman was the victim of domestic abuse but never sought a Protective Order to ensure his safety. His wife murdered him in his sleep before killing herself.

Chris Brown victimized Rihanna. Both couples are pictured in happier times but all of their lives were shattered and /or derailed due to the violence. 

Protective and Peace Orders exist to stop the violence and to put a moat between the fighting individuals. 

On July 8, 2020, 44 individuals went to the Prince George’s County Hyattsville Courthouse to apply for a Protective / Peace Order. That is an abnormally high number. With tensions running high because of unemployment, work furloughs, the Covid stay-at-home Order, the kids being out of school and home for the summer, or from the excessive heat and no personal space, bad things can happen.   

It is much better to go to the authorities if you feel threatened than it is to be a victim or an abuser. If you are in fear, please protect yourself and get the assistance you deserve. If you need assistance in obtaining, or defending against, a Protective Order, do not hesitate to contact The Palumbo Law Group.