A conviction for a sex crime can alter a person's life forever. The penalties can be incredibly severe, including potential prison time, extensive therapy under supervised probation, and lifetime registration with Maryland's Sexual Offender Registry.

A registered sexual offender must stay in routine contact with the state, keeping it regularly apprised of both residence and other personal details. Status as a registered sexual offender can also affect professional licensure, employment and parental rights.

At the Palumbo Law Group, we defend people against felony and misdemeanor sexual offenses. Our firm benefits from the experience of attorney Michael Lovelace, who was a former Assistant State's Attorney in the Prince George's County sex crime division. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.


If you are charged with a sex crime, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Do not make any statements to the police. In a confused state, you may make incriminating statements, thereby limiting your defense options.

At the Palumbo Law Group, we defend people against the following sex crime charges:

  • Statutory rape
  • Aggravated rape
  • Internet sex crimes involving online solicitation
  • Child pornography
  • Child molestation
  • Sexual assault

Sex crimes carry a marked social stigma. If you are accused, you not only face criminal penalties, but society's severe judgment as well. No matter what the state charges you with, you deserve to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

We treat clients with respect, regardless of the accusations they are facing. For non-judgmental representation or to learn more about your charge, contact us. We offer a free initial consultation.