Families entrust nursing homes to provide their loved ones with a certain level of medical treatment and supervision. All too often, that trust is broken at elder care facilities that are understaffed or indifferent to the health and dignity of their residents.

Do you suspect that your loved one died or suffered catastrophic harm because of substandard medical care, neglect or abuse? The Palumbo Law Group has held Maryland nursing homes accountable for fatality or serious injury. Our nursing home neglect lawyers take cases in Prince George's County and Charles County and we extend a free initial consultation.


Privately owned nursing homes are subject to state and federal laws, but some facilities put profits ahead of the mandated standards. As a result, patients may not get proper medical supervision or day-to-day care.

Our law firm has the ability to hold nursing homes accountable for serious injury, severe health complications or death from medical malpractice or negligent care, such as:

  • Untreated bedsores or infections
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Undiagnosed medical conditions
  • Medication errors
  • Falling injuries (lack of assistance or restraints)
  • Assault or abuse by staff
  • Failure to render aid or transfer to a hospital

Many times the harm occurs from pure neglect, such as frail or bedridden patients who are dependent on staff to bathe and change them, reposition them, or assist with eating and toiletry. Other patients additionally suffer from lack of proper medical attention.

Our experienced attorneys obtain the patient charts and look into staffing levels, quality of medical care, safety protocols, unreported injuries, similar complaints or lawsuits, previous code violations and other patterns of negligence or specific evidence that your loved one was mistreated.


We will file suit to hold the facility legally accountable and to compensate elderly victims for medical intervention, lasting disability, and their pain and suffering, or to compensate families for a loved one's wrongful death.

Please contact us today to speak with our nursing home neglect lawyers about your suspicions and your legal remedies.