Prostitution crimes are typically misdemeanors, but the collateral consequences of an arrest can be publicly humiliating and personally damaging. Merely arranging for a prohibited liaison can result in a criminal charge, and aggravating factors such as an underage prostitute can elevate it to a felony.

If you stand accused of a prostitution offense in Prince George's County or Charles County, Maryland, contact The Palumbo Law Group immediately. Our experienced criminal defense lawyer will work swiftly and discreetly to dismiss unfounded charges or mitigate the punishment.


Under Maryland law, it is a crime to engage in intercourse or sexual acts in exchange for money or other compensation. Furthermore, it is a crime to seek or offer such an assignation. It is even illegal for landlords to knowingly harbor prostitution.

We typically represent "johns" arrested for soliciting the services of a prostitute, but we also defend those accused of providing or promoting prostitution. Attorney Michael Lovelace is an experienced defense attorney and former assistant county prosecutor who has handled all charges and all scenarios:

  • Prostitution arrests at street corners, parks or motels
  • Internet stings involving undercover officers
  • Responding to online ads for sexual services
  • Charges of prostitution or soliciting a prostitute
  • Charges of human trafficking or operating a "house of prostitution"
  • Engaging in prostitution with a minor (knowingly or unknowingly)

Prostitution offenses may result in jail time, fines, community service and other criminal penalties. The arrest or allegation may also cause embarrassment, harassment and alienation for the accused and his or her family. The misdemeanor conviction, if discovered, may affect professional licensure or continued employment. Felony charges of "pimping" or having sex with an underage person can lead to prison time and all the burdens of sexual offender registration. Early intervention by a lawyer may avoid or mitigate the consequences.


Our attorneys provide a professional, nonjudgmental defense, with the goal of keeping you out of jail and keeping your record clean if at all possible. If he cannot get the charges dismissed or reduced, he will force the prosecution to prove its case. The government must prove criminal intent or prove that an illegal act occurred, and ambiguous advertisements or Internet chats may not hold up in court. Even if you were "caught in the act," there may be viable defenses or opportunities to reduce the penalties.

Do not give a statement or try to negotiate with police. It is critical to remain silent until you have talked with a lawyer. The Palumbo Law Group provides the skilled and vigorous defense you need to protect your rights, your family and your future. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.