Many people simply pay a speeding ticket, without understanding the consequences. Some try to fight a traffic citation on their own, without much success. Some people ignore it, without realizing that an unpaid ticket triggers license suspension.

The Palumbo Law Group has successfully challenged speeding offenses to protect clients' driving privileges and insurance rates. Our experienced lawyers practice in the district courts of Prince George's County and Charles County. In addition to local residents, we welcome out-of-state drivers cited for speeding or traffic offenses in Southern Maryland.


If you fail to respond to a Maryland speeding citation within 30 days, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will initiate license suspension and the offense will automatically go on your record. So your choices are to (a) pay the ticket, (b) request a waiver hearing or (c) request a trial.

By paying the fine for a speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty. This results in points against your license, which could lead to license suspension if you have multiple speeding offenses or other serious traffic offenses on your record. Traffic tickets are public records, and your insurance company may raise your car insurance, especially for violations such as speeding in a school zone or greatly exceeding the speed limit.

Our speeding ticket attorneys have a solid record in district court of getting tickets knocked down or making it all go away. In a waiver hearing, we try to convince the judge to reduce the fine, dismiss the ticket or reduce it to a non-point offense. In certain circumstances, it may be prudent to fight a speeding citation at trial if you cannot afford to have the offense on your record.