Every family has disagreements. Maybe a chore wasn't done. Perhaps someone spent money irresponsibly. When a disagreement escalates, things can be said that aren't really meant. Physical contact can become a factor. An argument can rapidly cross the line into domestic violence.

If you have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor or felony domestic violence, quickly securing the services of an experienced attorney may be in your best interests. At the Palumbo Law Group, in Prince George's County, Maryland, we aggressively defend the rights and freedom of those accused of spousal abuse.


Domestic violence laws are designed to protect a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend from both verbal threats and physical attacks. When called to the scene of a domestic violence incident, police are often forced to make a choice as to the danger of the situation. Domestic violence is therefore subject to interpretation and the police may arrest a person without knowing all of the facts.

Unfortunately, a growing number of false domestic violence claims are being made based on feelings of animosity. Similarly, a former spouse or partner may make a domestic violence claim hoping to get the upper hand in a custody dispute.

At the Palumbo Law Group, we investigate the truth. We will explore your situation to find out what really happened. Whether you were involved in a supposed one-time altercation, a contentious divorce or a heated child custody dispute, our firm is prepared to aggressively defend you and protect your future.


Domestic violence is a serious crime. If convicted, you will face consequences that may include fines, restraining orders or incarceration. You will also have a permanent criminal record that may limit the places where you can live or work.

Whether you are facing charges of domestic abuse or assault and battery, you cannot afford to let one moment in time ruin your life. Contact us to begin constructing the aggressive criminal defense you desperately need.