A criminal record for theft conviction can have wide-ranging adverse effects on a person's life. At the Palumbo Law Group, we work hard to keep theft convictions from showing up on our clients' records. If we clear you of a criminal charge such as shoplifting or robbery, we will follow up and seek to have the charge expunged from your record.

Regardless whether you face state or federal theft charges, we have the knowledge and experience to defend you. Located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, our firm defends people throughout Maryland against theft charges. As local attorneys, we know the local courts, judges, and attorneys. We know how to present solid and individually tailored strategies for our clients facing theft charges such as shoplifting, armed robbery, and insurance fraud.

Theft charges cover a range of criminal offenses. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we can defend you against:

  • Minor theft charges: theft of property valued under $500, shoplifting, and employee theft
  • Felony theft charges: theft of property valued over $500, armed robbery, strong-armed robbery, burglary, and theft of a motor vehicle
  • White collar crimes: Embezzlement, larceny, insurance fraud, bank fraud, Medicaid fraud, and racketeering

We will work with the state to seek a plea agreement that minimizes the consequences to your record. A successful diversion can result in dismissal of charges against you in exchange for paying restitution, performing community service, and remaining law-abiding. You might also receive Probation before Judgment (PBJ) for first-time offenses. This can also keep a conviction off your criminal record.

A conviction for a theft crime like shoplifting or burglary can affect your professional license, ability to gain employment, and your standing in the community. At the Palumbo Law Group, our lawyers advocate strongly on your behalf to keep your record clear of criminal charges. Contact us for a free initial consultation to learn more about your case. We defend people throughout Maryland, including clients in Riverdale, Oxon Hill, Greenbelt, Suitland, Upper Marlboro, Fort Washington, Waldorf, College Park, and all of Southern Maryland.