When you seek the care of doctors and other health care professionals, you expect them to undertake the proper treatment and take all due precautions. You do not expect the condition to worsen or the treatment to cause greater harm.

If you believe that medical negligence caused serious injuries or a family member's death, contact The Palumbo Law Group to discuss your concerns in a free and confidential consultation. We have brought successful medical malpractice lawsuits in Prince George's County, Charles County and Southern Maryland.


Health care providers are not perfect or all-knowing. Sometimes the patient cannot be cured or saved. Sometimes a diagnosis or course of treatment is merely an educated guess. Medical malpractice means that the medical professionals deviated from standard protocols or made unforgivable errors — resulting in lasting injury, lost opportunities for a cure, or death.

It is important to hire a lawyer with the experience to uncover the truth and fight for justice. The Palumbo Law Group has held hospitals and clinics, physicians and surgeons, nurses and technicians, dentists and other medical providers accountable for medical malpractice, including:

  • Birth injury: cerebral palsy, nerve damage, brain damage or infant death
  • Surgical errors: wrong operation, retained objects, negligent procedure, anesthesia injury, infection
  • Failure to diagnose: cancer, heart attack, sepsis or other life-threatening conditions
  • Medication errors: wrong drug, overdose, contraindications
  • Nursing home neglect: undiagnosed illness, malnourishment, bedsores
  • Dental malpractice: nerve damage, jaw injury, loss of a healthy tooth

With 27 years of experience, trial lawyer Daniel Palumbo has obtained significant verdicts and settlements in medical negligence litigation. He will pursue compensation for medical intervention and future care, permanent harm, lost earnings, and pain and suffering, or damages for wrongful death if your loved one died as a result of malpractice.


We only take cases of serious injury, but when we do take a case we work on a contingency basis. This means you will not be obligated to pay attorney fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation. We often work with other local attorneys, and we devote the necessary resources and energy to mount a successful effort in these complex and hard-to-win cases.

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