We can mobilize quickly to investigate and we have access to experts in many fields who can help us demonstrate negligence and establish liability for the accident.


We help clients recover money for their medical expenses, lost income, any disability or disfigurement, and for their pain and suffering. We also assist with collateral issues such as access to medical care, property damage claims or simply dealing with insurance agents and adjusters.

Unfortunately, we are often called upon to represent individuals who have suffered catastrophic injury, such as brain injury, paralysis or loss of limb, or families who have lost a loved one. We've obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in these cases in state and federal courts.

Whether through structured settlement or lump sum payment, we work to ensure that compensation covers the long-term financial interests and future care needs of our clients. We often work with physicians and surgeons, physical therapists and vocational rehab specialists, economists and other professionals to gauge those needs and calculate appropriate damages.