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Your Defense in Traffic Cases

From the first glimpse of flashing lights through ticket and trial, traffic citations can become a source of great stress in even the most conscientious of drivers’ lives. Minor, payable traffic infractions may not involve the threat of incarceration, but they can result in fines, license suspension, and an increase in insurance premiums–not to mention considerable headache. More serious traffic offenses, such as DUI or driving with a suspended license, require appearance at trial and can result in jail time, heavy fines, and license revocation. Attempting to navigate the traffic citation process alone can be beyond overwhelming. That’s why the Palumbo Law Group has spent 40 years helping Maryland drivers in the capacity of a traffic lawyer to understand their rights and stay on the road.


If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of a DUI or DWI citation, it’s important to take steps towards resolution as soon as possible. The effects of a DUI/DWI conviction can echo through life for years to come, ranging from a revoked license to incarceration. Here in Maryland, drunken driving offenses are considered misdemeanors, and can result in up to $4000 in fines and 4 years in jail. Fortunately, our decades of experience in Maryland courtrooms can help mitigate the impact of DUI and DWI charges, avoiding criminal consequences and reducing license suspensions. Facing DUI or DWI conviction is a daunting prospect, but with a dedicated representation team and a firm understanding of your rights, you can be sure of obtaining the best possible outcome in your case.

Other Offenses

In Maryland, traffic citations fall under one of two categories: payable or must-appear. Payable infractions may result in fines, the accrual of points against one’s license, or both, but do not involve the risk of incarceration. These offenses do not require a court appearance, but can be plead as “guilty” and resolved by timely payment, at which point the guilty charge becomes part of the driver’s record. For many types of infraction, though, payment is not the end of the repercussions. Points accrued on a driving record often lead to hikes in insurance premiums and can accumulate to trigger license suspension or revocation.

Payable offenses can also be resolved by pleading “guilty with an explanation” and requesting a waiver hearing, which could potentially reduce or waive fines. A third option is to plead “not guilty” and request a trial. No matter your payable offense, you may stand a chance of reducing the negative effects of conviction with experienced legal representation.

Must-appear citations are not payable and require the driver’s attendance at trial. These offenses, unlike their payable counterparts, can involve the risk of incarceration in addition to fines and license suspension. Must-appear citations often involve misdemeanor or felony offenses and may be tried in criminal court. Our four decades of experience–in traffic and criminal court, and with the Motor Vehicle Administration’s requirements–have proven that a qualified, knowledgeable, and dedicated legal team offers you the best chance of reducing charges and fines while staying on the road with a valid license.

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