Robbery Is a Serious Offense

If you’ve been charged with robbery in the state of Maryland, it’s important to understand both the meaning of the charges and the severe consequences attached to them. While circumstance, past criminal history, and the value of items stolen can affect the outcome of robbery litigation, even seemingly minor offenses can involve large fines and lengthy periods of incarceration. Robbery is almost always considered a felony offense, and carries with it a host of negative repercussions associated with felony conviction: difficulty in gaining employment or renting property, loss of voting and firearm rights, and a permanent stain on one’s record.

The law can be complex, and convictions often hinge on legal intricacies and definitions unfamiliar to the average person. Don’t underestimate the value of good legal representation; an experienced legal team can help minimize sentences and ensure the fairest possible trial.

Laws in the State of Maryland

Robbery is commonly defined as “the taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, by force or intimidation.” This differs from theft in that it entails the use or threat of violence. In Maryland, this definition is expanded to include services in addition to money or goods, and to stipulate that robbery must include the intent to deprive the owner of such property permanently or until some payment is made. Generally, these charges carry a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment, but in some cases, such as armed robbery or carjacking, that sentence increases significantly.

Armed Robbery

In the state of Maryland, armed robbery is considered a more serious and harshly punishable crime; it is committed while in possession of a dangerous weapon or under the threat of such a weapon, real or imagined. In Maryland, this charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment.


Carjacking entails the theft of a motor vehicle by force, violence, or the threat of force or violence towards the possessor of the vehicle. Much like armed robbery, carjacking is considered a more serious offense and can carry a maximum sentence of up to 30 years imprisonment.

Your Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer

Here at the Palumbo Law Group, we’ve been helping Maryland residents and their families minimize the negative consequences of these charges for over 40 years. The impact of a robbery conviction can echo throughout an entire lifetime; it’s essential to ensure that your case is considered fairly. Our criminal defense lawyers understand the complexity of robbery litigation and will work to avoid conviction if at all possible, upholding your rights and constructing a rigorous defense.

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