Child Support


While most parents can agree on the importance of maintaining their children’s quality of life, differences tend to arise when it comes to determining the financial means of doing so. Child support disputes form one of the more contentious areas of divorce and family law proceedings, requiring skillful mediation and negotiation between both parties. Maryland law is structured to protect the best interests of the children, but can often seem riddled with complexities to concerned parents. Disputes commonly arise in response to the following child support challenges:

  • Child Support Calculation
  • Modification of Child Support Due to Unemployment, Underemployment, or Promotion
  • Modification of Child Support for Medical Reasons
  • Modification of Child Support Due to Remarriage
  • Delinquency in Child Support Payments

In these cases, or during any dispute arising from Maryland child support-related issues, the value of experienced, attentive, and dedicated legal representation is difficult to overestimate. Not only can an excellent family law attorney play the essential role of mediation between parties, but such an attorney also serves to facilitate passage through the myriad legal and administrative requirements surrounding child support disputes.


Here at the Palumbo Law Group, more than 40 years of work within the Maryland child support community have taught us the true value of experience in family law litigation. Our attorneys are well-versed in contemporary child support law, and can work with you to clarify, envision, and attain the best possible child support outcome for you and your children. We strive to resolve child support disputes outside of the courtroom if possible, but can defend your unique circumstance and needs through litigation if necessary.

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