Divorce & Child Custody


Of all the areas of dispute that divorce can open up, child custody is without doubt that which requires the greatest degree of sensitivity in its resolution. Maryland court procedure treats the best interest of children as top priority, but actually determining what constitutes best interest often proves to be a tall order. The emotions of both parents, often running in high gear throughout divorce proceedings, can become understandably embroiled in child custody disputes. While past research indicates a substantial prevalence of mother custody (usually hovering around 70% of cases), recent studies show an upwards trend towards shared custody in the United States.


During complex, emotionally-laden family law proceedings such as divorce and child custody disputes, excellent legal representation entails much more than a thorough command of law and courtroom; in such cases, a good attorney also fills the role of counselor and sounding board, mediator, and negotiator. Here at the Palumbo Law Group, four decades of experience serving the Maryland community through family law has proven the necessity of such flexibility and broad support. Our family law attorneys recognize the uniqueness of each and every case they take on. With qualified, dedicated legal support, divorce proceedings and child custody disputes can be resolved in a manner that upholds the needs and wishes of children and parents alike.

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