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Founded over four decades ago by retired Prince George’s County Judge Richard Palumbo, the Palumbo Law Group takes great pride in protecting the rights, freedom, and reputations of Maryland’s people. The powerful legal backgrounds of our Prince George’s County lawyers, Daniel Palumbo and Michael Lovelace, provide our clients with a distinct advantage in the courtroom. Mr. Lovelace previously served as an assistant state’s attorney, a post which informs his keen ability to anticipate and deconstruct the arguments of the prosecution. Throughout more than a quarter century of criminal defense work, Mr. Palumbo has developed an unparalleled familiarity with the people, practice, and processes of the Maryland legal system.

The Palumbo Law Group is dedicated to the spirit of the individual person. We strive to stand alongside Maryland residents as they face powers larger than themselves, offering guidance, legal expertise, and an attentive ear. The legal system can seem overwhelming complex to many, but with the right representation, the path forward becomes clear and attainable.

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